I get asked the same questions all the time so please be understanding if I’ve linked you to this page!

Q: What switches do you recommend?

Answered on my spreadsheet here. I no longer recommend Zippy 20M (I got a bad batch) and recommend Huano Pink Dot Blue Shell 80M in their place. That said, it really depends on your personal preference what you will like, and the same switch can feel vastly different in two different mice. For example, I love how Kailh GM4 feels in a Finalmouse, and dislike how it feels in a GPW.  If I were to theoretically stock one switch and use it for every situation, it would be Huano Pink Dot Blue Shell 80M.

Q: How much does X cost?

Answered as you fill out the switch swap form. Cost is calculated at the bottom.

Q: How do I get the switch swap process started?

Click here.

Q: Does SwitchX feel like SwitchY?

Almost all “aftermarket switches” are heavier than stock ones, some by a lot, some by a little. For a general idea, you can see how much heavier SwitchX will be compared to SwitchY by looking at my switch spreadsheet.

Q: What temperature do you use when soldering?


Q: What solder/screwdriver/etc. do you use?

All the gear I use is listed here: ents.win/gear/

Q: Can you make X mouse wireless for me? Can you 3d print a new shell for X mouse?

No, I don’t do that. Get in touch with ZoroSeerus, Cryomods, jumpTHINGS, or Piranha.

Q: Can you do just an encoder or something else for my mouse (but not a switch swap)?

Probably, but there’s a $49 base cost (aka minimum) for any service, as doing any mod requires almost all the same labor and time as a switch swap.

Q: Can I buy switches from you?

The switches I have on hand are generally reserved for switch swaps. You can get switches from: LethalGamingGear or MouseClub (code ENTS saves you $ at both MouseClub and LethalGamingGear), or if you have a month to spare, buy from Aliexpress. However if you are in dire need, drop me a line.

Q: Can you buy and mod a brand new mouse for me?

To avoid me charging you for the Paypal fees on top of tax and the mouse itself, you can order the mouse to the address on the top left of your invoice after you’ve paid the invoice.

Q: I did XYZ myself and it’s not working. Can you help me fix it?

Sure. More details here.

Q: How long does it take for you to send my mouse back?

3-5 business days. It may be less, but I do not guarantee anything other than 3-5 business days. I’m a person with a regular job who offers this service in my limited free time as a way to help people with broken mice. Please be patient!

If you truly need something back as soon as possible, or are just rich, I offer rush service for a flat $75 on top of the cost of the service.

Q: How much to ship to my country?

Answered here. I add roughly 20% to cover the additional time to send internationally as well as the fees on receiving money to pay for the shipping.

Q: Can I give you a FexEx/DHL/UPS label to use instead of you shipping USPS?

Only if you can also schedule a pickup, and you are not refunded the included USPS shipping in the service price. The cost for me to drop your package off at a retail location/store/access point/etc is +$40USD.

Q: How long does shipping take?

Answered here. I’m not the courier so if you pick the cheapest possible shipping, especially internationally, be patient. Once it’s out of my hands I can’t do anything to speed it up.