Switch replacement base cost is $49 for M1 & M2, basic switches, and return shipping via USPS first class.

And the minimum cost for any service is $49.

Switch Swap Process

  • Fill out the form below
  • Receive invoice via email, pay via Paypal
  • Ship me your mouse (address is top left on invoice)
  • I do the work requested, test, and ship your mouse back to you
  • In a few days, you will receive your upgraded mouse!

The Fine Print aka FAQ aka Actually Read This

Orders ship back out 3-5 business days after I receive your mouse. I will not rush work on your mouse, nor the ones in front of yours in the queue.

The invoice should arrive within 24 hours after you fill out this form. Unpaid invoices are cancelled after 48 hours.

There is no discount on the service if you provide the switches. They are included as a convenience.

Included shipping is for Continental USA only. International orders incur a fee to account for additional labor, fees, and materials related to shipping abroad.

Regarding click/switch feel: No switch offered is lighter than stock default switches (Chinese Omrons). Being more durable means the must be heavier by some amount. TTC Gold DP, in general, are the lightest, but are still more tactile than stock.

SL12, G502, G502 Wireless, G903, or G900(s) cost more to account for extra labor.

Fill the form out multiple times if you want to send in more than one mouse. Shipping will be only charged once!

If you select for side buttons to be replaced, please make sure that is possible in the mouse you’re sending in! If you are unsure, check the list at the bottom of this page, email me first, or submit the order and I will follow up with you.

By submitting an order, and using this service, you agree to the following: You understand the nature of the work being performed and as such you know this voids warranties on the mice (if still active), and there is no warranty or returns on work preformed. Mice will be tested after modification, and guaranteed to work upon completion of work performed, but not guaranteed over the remaining lifetime of the mouse.

If your order includes side button replacement, check below before hitting submit!

Not possible to swap side buttons

  • Zowie C Series Mice (Half-Height Micro Side Buttons)
  • Finalmouse Starlight-12 (Surface Mount Side Buttons)
  • MM711 (Non-standard Square Switches for Side Buttons)
  • MM710 (Non-standard Square Switches for Side Buttons)
  • G Pro Wireless and X Superlight (Surface Mount Switches)
  • G Wolves (Right Angle Side Button Switches)
  • HK Gaming (Right Angle Sidebutton Switches)
  • Razer Viper Mini (Optical Main Switches, Right Angle Sidebuttons)
  • G903 (Surface Mount everything except M1/M2)
  • G502 & G502 Litespeed (Surface mount side buttons)

Possible to swap side buttons

  • Logitech G303
  • Logitech G703
  • Logitech G Pro Wired
  • Finalmouse (All except Starlight 12)
  • Glorious (All)
  • Endgame Gear XM1

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