Different shape PCB & different connector.

Tutorial video in this post is for the old mouse but the process is basically identical. New videos coming soon.

I’m excited to now be offering a pre-modded G Pro X Superlight Switch PCB!

You do not need to send me your mouse, but you do need to open your G Pro X Superlight to swap the PCB. If you are not comfortable or confident that you can do this without breaking your mouse, please opt for my switch swapping service, where I do it for you!

You can see me do this whole process in this instructional video.

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The process

Remove the mouse feet (use something plastic to scrape them up, DO NOT USE HEAT!)

  • Take out 6 screws holding the bottom plate on
  • Remove ribbon cable and battery JST plug (do this very carefully as ripping this ribbon cable will break your mouse!)
  • Remove battery
  • Remove 4 screws holding in the M1/M2 clicks
  • Remove the clicks out the front of the mouse
  • Remove 4 screws holding in switch PCB
  • Remove ribbon cable from switch PCB
  • Very carefully hold spring in place on scroll wheel, and remove PCB by pulling straight up
  • Transfer wheel, replace PCB, put spring on top of the wheel and follow list above in reverse. If you have double sided tape use some when replacing the battery as it can flop around if the adhesive no longer is sticky when replacing it.

Order yours below! (This will request an invoice to be sent to you from me.)

I will send your invoice to this email address, and ship your PCB to the address you provide me via PayPal, so make sure it's the correct one when paying the invoice!
Go to to learn more about the switches offered!
The modified stock encoder is what I use in my mouse. Pick that if you don't know what to pick.
By purchasing this item, the buyer agrees that ENTS is in no way liable if the they break or damage their mouse during the installation process. This is not plug-and-play, and ENTS has done their best in the section above to describe the process required to install this product.

Returns, refunds, and/or exchanges are not accepted. No warranty or support included as this is a very DIY product.

If you do not fully know what you are getting into buying this DIY PCB, or are not comfortable or confident disassembling computer mice, please do not buy this!