Switch replacement is $46 for M1 & M2 on a G Pro Wireless, including switches, Tiger Arc v1 replacement feet, and return shipping via USPS first class.

The process

‣ Fill out this form
‣ You will receive invoice via email from PayPal
‣ Pay invoice, ship me your GPW (address on invoice)
‣ I receive your mouse, do the work, test, and ship your mouse back to you
‣ In a few days, you will receive your fixed GPW!

Optional upgrade: faster return shipping.

There is no discount on the service if you provide the switches. They are included as a convenience.

Continental USA and Canada only. Ask nice if you want a one off international switch swap.

Orders ship back out 3-5 business days after I receive your mouse.

The invoice should arrive within 24 hours after you fill out this form. I cancel unpaid invoiced after 48 hours.

By submitting an order and using this service, you agree to the following: You understand the nature of the work being performed and as such you know this voids warranties on the mice (if still active), and there is no warranty or returns on work preformed. Mice will be tested after modification, and guaranteed to work upon completion of work performed, but not guaranteed over the remaining lifetime of the mouse.

Submit your order below

I will ship the mouse back to the address you provide me via PayPal. Make sure it is correct!
If you are looking to send me another mouse, use the other form! ents.win/switch-replacement-form/
New mouse feet will be on the mouse when you receive it.
Same method as in my video, metal tape on plungers to help make the buttons less mushy
In very rare cases, middle click will develop a double-click or no-click. Only select this if your middle mouse click is actually and currently broken, as this is not a gold plated or improved replacement switch, it’s just a new, working one.
This only speeds up time in transit, not time time for me to work on your mouse!
Before hitting submit, please double check your selections!