I get asked a lot what I think about certain components, here are my recommendations. My hand size is 19x11cm, and I use claw grip.


Best overall Mouse: Endgame Gear XM1

Great cable, clicks, coating, feet, wheel. Literally the full package. Grasping at straws here for a negative: the side buttons could be slightly better.

Best small mouse: G-Wolves Hati-S

A bit pricey, but essentially a smaller ultralight XM1. Good clicks, side buttons, clicks, wheel, and feet. Cable not great. A Micro-USB paracord improves this mouse.

Best budget mouse: HK Gaming Mira-M

Ultralight GPW clone. Solid build quality, mediocre cable. Overall excellent mouse.

Best budget small mouse: Razer Viper Mini

Incredible value. Good clicks (optical) but somewhat less tactile than regular mechanical switches. Side buttons are good, wheel is good. Cable is very bad, paracord is a must.

Best wireless mouse: Logitech G Pro Wireless

Expensive, prone to double clicking, safe shape. Still a very, very good mouse.

Best budget wireless mouse: Logitech G305

Egg gang. Not the best anything, but very good wireless mouse for the price. A bit heavy, but there’s a reason this mouse is the base to every wireless mod.


Best overall Mousepad: Artisan Hien XL Soft

Quick pad, lasts basically forever. If you can afford it, and you know you want a fast-ish durable pad just skip the search and buy this and be done with it.

Best budget Mousepad: Razer Gigantus V2 (Black)

XL size, super cheap price, control pad. Do not get the custom one, that’s coated, and the coating wears off, and ruins the pad. Do not buy any coated mousepad!


The best switch: it’s personal preference

No mechanical switch is faster or better than any other. It comes down to if you want something heavy, light, quiet, loud, etc. It’s up to you. Hopefully my spreadsheet helps you figure out what you want.

Optical switches are better, in theory, durability wise, but are proprietary and can’t be swapped into a “normal mouse”. Mechanical switches can not be swapped into a mouse that comes with optical switches, and vice versa.