Thanks for your order! I will send your invoice to you within 24-48 hours. ​Please pay ASAP when you receive the invoice, as I cancel invoices that are unpaid after 2 days.

For wireless mice: To make shipping as cheap as possible, and so that I don’t lose anything, do not send me anything other than the mouse.

If the mouse does not have a USB port in front to charge or be used wired, include the USB transmitter! (Generally very few mice need to include the transmitter such as the G305 and Orochi.) Otherwise, do not send me the wireless USB dongle/transmitter.

Please only send me the bare minimum needed to test the mouse once work is done! I do not want to lose or have to keep track of items not needed to do the work to your mouse. I don’t need anything other than the mouse, and if wireless with no usb port at the front, the RF dongle.

For wired mice: just the mouse please!

A 1-2 inch layer of bubble wrap around the mouse in a medium to big padded envelope is the cheapest method. Don’t send the box the mouse came in, just the mouse! If you include the box the mouse came in, or use heavy/excessive packing material (anything over 12 ounces total), I will ship the mouse back to you in new lighter packaging, and throw out whatever you sent it in. Don’t send me the box if you want it back!