I will send your invoice to this email address, and ship your PCB to the address you provide me via PayPal, so make sure it’s the correct one when paying the invoice!
Go to ents.win/switches to learn more about the switches offered!
The modified stock encoder is what I use in my mouse. Pick that if you don’t know what to pick.
By purchasing this item, the buyer agrees that ENTS is in no way liable if the they break or damage their mouse during the installation process. This is not plug-and-play, and ENTS has done their best in the section above to describe the process required to install this product.

Returns, refunds, and/or exchanges are not accepted. No warranty or support included as this is a very DIY product.

If you do not fully know what you are getting into buying this DIY PCB, or are not comfortable or confident disassembling computer mice, please do not buy this!